Meet Oscar Gutierrez

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Born and raised on the westside

I attended all of the schools either in or around my district. Harding Grade School, La Cumbre Jr. High, San Marcos Senior High School where I graduated with honors. At Santa Barbara City College (School of Media Arts) I studied Film Production and Broadcast Journalism, won several awards and graduated with honors. I then transferred to UC Santa Barbara, where I graduated with a degree in Film and Media Studies, again with several awards and honors.

Growing up a first generation Mexican American, my parents taught me that it takes more than good grades and hard work to be a productive member of our society. They also taught me that I need to be civic minded and proactive in our community. This line of thinking lead me to start volunteering for non-profit organizations in our community while I was in high school.

Work that matters

Since 2001 I've been working for a local non profit organization called Life Chronicle's. Life Chronicle's video records terminally ill people telling their life stories so when they pass away we give their friends and family a personal video biography for their loved one to remember them. Being involved with LifeChronicles helped me become a mature, objective and compassionate listener for people of all demographics.

While studying film production and broadcast journalism at SBCC I started volunteering for the community television station (TV Santa Barbara) where I have become the Senior Producer and Lead Instructor. Working for the Channels Newspaper, TVSB and being a Spanish speaker propelled me into almost every facet of our community. I started reporting on public affairs, educational institutions and local government. It was a dream come true because I was able to become informed of the intricacies of Santa Barbara.

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Active in the community

Because of my community based work with the Channels Newspaper and TVSB, I was inspired to become more active in our local government and as a result I became the Carpintaria City Hall TV Broadcaster for all their government meetings between 2009 and 2016. By broadcasting hundreds of government meeting I acquired an in depth understanding and appreciation of local government and how it operates. Working for those four local organizations helped me to become the person I am today and be the proud owner of my own small video production business.

I am an open minded, objective thinker and welcome all viewpoints that exist in our great city. To this day I still make it a point to volunteer for local organizations like the Public Library, Aaple Academy and The American Red Cross, where I was recently a Public Affairs volunteer and Spanish Translator during the Montecito mudslide tragedy.

Within the district I would be appointed to represent, I know that 38% of the residents of the district are immigrants, that 54% of them speak Spanish as their primary language, that 30% of the households have children, that 43% of my community only has a High School Diploma, and most of the community members are renters, and that only 9% of the community utilizes public transportation services.

It is time to help this community see the valuable resources we have throughout our city, in order for all of the children in my district to be allowed the opportunities of higher education and Small Business Ownership I was granted.