Let's Make Housing Available and Affordable

The City of Santa Barbara is in a housing crisis. Employers -- small, medium, and large -- all say we need more housing to keep our economy vibrant and our workforce housed. We need housing units in all income categories, but especially rental housing for working people and low-income residents. Our City Council must have the courage to support well-designed, dense housing along transportation corridors and make the most of in-fill spaces in the urban core. I support the AUD program going forward with some form of inclusionary units, so we get some truly affordable units out of these projects. The Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinance will give us much-needed housing units as well.

Let's Take Care of Our Environment

Our environmental assets and open space are what make Santa Barbara so unique. I strongly support diversifying our water sources, investing in renewable energy, maintaining our creeks and beaches and creating new open spaces. Creating affordable housing in the city center and along transportation corridors will allow us to reduce the number of cars on the road transporting workforce housing and discourages sprawl and development in the foothills and coast. We must plan and prepare for the effects of climate change and look at long-range planning to meet our goals of sustainability.

Let's Grow The Westside's Economy

Coming from the Westside, I know that City residents need educational and job opportunities. I will work with the construction and trade unions to promote apprenticeship programs, and work with Santa Barbara City College to ensure our local youth can use the College Promise program to get an associate's degree then transfer to a four-year university. I support Mayor Murillo's economic development goals of bringing housing to State Street and finding new uses for downtown commercial properties that are not being used for retail anymore. Many of our businesses thrive on the tourism industry, and that must continue to have the City's support, but we must diversify our economy to encourage the creation of head of household jobs

Let's Improve Traffic, Safety, and Street Lighting

I've been walking door-to-door on the Westside and I hear from our residents that their top concerns are traffic congestion and speeding, pedestrian safety, and street lighting. As many of our Westside residents are renters, I'd like to push for more tenants' protections. The City's Ordinance Committee will be reviewing ways to prevent evictions and give displaced tenants some relief. In this rental market, our renters need security as to their living space. Finally, the Westside has the lowest number of registered voters of any district in the City. I want to engage our residents in their city government, increase voter registration, and work with our neighborhood association, the Westside Community Group, to keep people educated on city policies, ordinances, and services.